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Lighter Footprint









Made for life’s everyday adventures, Colorado has been synonymous with durable and high-quality shoes since 1988.

Our wide range of men’s, women’s and kids’ footwear combines classic design and innovative technology to provide comfortable, supportive style for the whole family.

In the same spirit of quality and longevity, Colorado is committed to adopting practices that support a healthy, more sustainable world. Starting with a more considered approach to sourcing, materials and production practices, Colorado’s Lighter Footprint project creates sustainable footwear without compromising on quality or durability. 

Whether you’re hiking hidden trails or hitting the city streets, you can step out in confidence knowing you’re leaving a lighter footprint.

Using pre- and post-consumer waste, we’re integrating recycled components across our range while still maintaining the quality and durability we’re known for.

    These components include:
  • • Recycled and reclaimed leather
  • • Recycled canvas
  • • Recycled polyester
  • • Recycled foam and EVA
  • • Recycled polyurethane (PU) and thermoplastic rubber (TPR)





Using plant and bio-based products, Colorado is reducing the use of plastics and fossil fuel based materials.

    We’ve replaced these with natural alternatives to lower our carbon footprint, such as:
  • • Bio-Based EVA foam made from materials such as sugar cane or sweet corn.

Colorado is exploring new ways to lower the impact of footwear production. 

By reducing the use of harmful chemicals and finding ways to use the by-products of other industries, we’re continuing our journey toward creating a lighter footprint.

    Our lower impact production processes include:
  • • Chrome-free leather production

Lower Impact


At Colorado, we pride ourselves on using fabrications that deliver high quality and long lasting products to you, with a considered effort to leaving a smaller footprint on the environment and wider community.

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