Introducing Colorado SureGrip

The Colorado Sure Grip outsole has been tested to the AS NZS 2210.5. standards. These tests are conducted on smooth steel surfaces and smooth ceramic tile to replicate workplace environments. The two slippery substances used are glycerin, an oily fat found in both animal and vegetable sources common in cooking and manufacturing, and a solution of Sodium Laureth Sulfate, a foaming agent found in cleaning products, cosmetics and toiletries.

Colorado SuregripColorado Suregrip

How does it work?

Like a car tyre, the Colorado Sure Grip range has a uniquely patterned tread with deep, specifically angled grooves that displace liquids so the outsole can make direct contact with the ground, without a slippery layer in between.

Even the rubber compound used to make the outsole is engineered for greater traction -  which includes carbon black, rubber, and silica to create a durable polymer rubber which has the highest level of slip resistance.

Cutting edge technology and design to give this level of traction or stability other shoes are not capable of providing.


Discover Colorado SureGrip

Made For You

Safe, supportive and practical footwear for the hardest workers out there.



Slip resistant soles and antibacterial lining help keep you stable and hygienic when things get messy.



Heat and oil resistant soles mean you can handle any kitchen, while the Energy Return System keeps you light on your feet.



The versatile and comfortable designs are fitted with memory foam lining for lasting support over long hours on the clock.