Sustainable School Range by Colorado

Colorado’s Sustainable School shoes reduce your footprint while you learn.

When designing our new Sustainable School Shoe range, we assessed all aspects of its design and found components that minimised our impact on the natural world without minimising our school shoes' durability, high quality, and longevity.

1 - Reclaimed Leather Upper

Repurposed from remnants of leather offcuts, our reclaimed leather upper utilises materials that would have otherwise ended up in landfill. 

2 - 100% Recycled NatureTex®️ Microdenir Polyester Lining

Our lining is made up of 100% recycled NatureTex®️ Microdenir Polyester. From this, 20% is recycled PET, 12% recycled textile waste, 20% recycled TPU, and 40% SBR.

3 - 70% Recycled POLIYOU®️ Polyurethane Footbed

As a natural and lightweight product, POLIYOU®️ provides superior comfort that is not only breathable but also absorbs natural odours. Made from 100% recycled materials, this footbed provides the comfort you expect whilst minimising your footprint.

4 - 70% Recycled NatureTex®️ Cosmo Material Midsole

Providing support with eco-friendly material, our sustainable midsoles are made from 70% recycled material. Of this 70% recycled content, 80% is recycled from plastic bottles and the remaining 20% is recycled from post-industrial material.

5 - 70% Recycled NatureTex®️ Shapefit Material Fusing

NatureTex®️ Shapefit is the innovative compound made up of rPET and recyclable TPU. Made up of 70% recycled materials, this fusing is not only heat resistant and strengthens the bonds, but is also recyclable.

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