Technology Guide

Colorado footwear is built on a foundation of features with benefits that are mapped through Colorado Tech Icons. The icons are a simple and quick guide to the level of technology in each of our products within the Heritage, Lifestyle and Peak Collections. The number of icons increases through the collections, delivering greater performance at each level.

Anti-bacterial Technology


Anti-bacterial, Anti-microbial, Mildew resistant treatment used in interior and exterior materials.

  Rebound Technology


Impact cushioning technology. Enhances comfort, and assists in reducing fatigue.

Flex Technology


Technology that increases flexibility, improving movement and enhancing ease of motion.

  Lite Weight Technology


Weight minimisation technology that helps to prevent fatigue by reducing overall external mass.

Ventilation Technology


Strategically placed ventilation system that keep feet cooler and drier. Assists the body to regulate core tempreature, improving performance.

  Traction Technology


Increased grip and traction delivered through sticky compounds and design. Increases durability and traction across varying terrain.

Water Repellent Technology


Water repellent technology that keeps feet drier, minimising the effect of changing climatic conditions.

  Water Friendly Technology


Water friendly technology, allowing for disbursment quick-dry properties.